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Taking fine art printing to a whole different level, the Fine Art Float Frame is the perfect product for putting fine art prints in the spotlight.

This multi-level framed wall print adds further depth and dimension to fine art photography. 

fine art





float frame







fine art matte board

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Hahnemühle’s Digital FineArt Collection and the Hahnemühle Photo range offer a wide selection of high-quality products. The broad range of inkjet papers available cater for a variety of different applications, quality requirements and artistic demands.

The Digital FineArt Collection is a high-end range of unique, high-quality FineArt inkjet papers. 
The combination of pure artist papers, special surface textures and an extensive range of premium inkjet coatings guarantees extraordinary print results with bright colours, deep blacks, excellent contrast, outstanding reproduction of detail and striking pictorial depth. With a resistance to ageing of more than 100 years, the inkjet media in the Digital FineArt Collection are perfect for FineArt applications such as FineArt prints, special editions, long-term exhibitions and art collections.

Hahnemühle Photo is a worthy alternative to the Digital FineArt Collection, offering a compact basic assortment of standard, universal inkjet papers for everyday use. In comparison to the Digital FineArt Collection, Hahnemühle Photo media have a non-textured cellulose paper base or a polythene-coated carrier material, and have an inkjet coating optimised for photographic applications. The comparative thinness and smooth surface of these papers ensures easy printability and handling. With superior print quality and a resistance to ageing of up to 30 years, the papers in the Hahnemühle Photo range deliver the best results in day-to-day work and are perfect for photographic applications such as photo prints, posters and photo books.

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